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Welcome to Advanced Alternative Lending

Thank you for taking the time to research Advanced Alternative Lending and how it can help you in your business with difficult or challenging files.

Firstly, it’s important to note that Advanced Alternative Lending works with many brokers and agents across Canada and prides itself on always making sure that all files are correctly domiciled so all future deals or renewal opportunities can be accurately sourced back to the referring Agent or Broker.

It is our Broker/Agent guarantee that we will always make contact with the referring Agent or Broker first, with all and any opportunity to roll a deal into a traditional lender program. If we are forced to take action and cannot provide documented proof of our attempts to get in contact with you, we will gladly pay the originating broker/agent any commission earned on said deal.

We recognize that working with a competing brokerage team is not easy but we welcome the opportunity to work closely with other agents and brokers in our industry in an effort to find all clients the best possible financing options available.

Michael Hapke                                                                

President, Advanced Alternative Lending